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Fire Extinguishers

A fire extinguisher is good working condition and properly trained staff can mean the difference between a small fire and a devastating fire that destroys your property.  Renegade Fire Systems provides the equipment and expertise to ensure that your workplace has adequate fire safety equipment to help mitigate loss from fire damage.

Fire Extinguisher Sales, Replacement & Installation

Depending on your unique needs, Renegade Fire Systems can recommend the type, number and location of your fire extinguishers to provide the maximum amount of protection.  There are many variables to account for when deciding on the type of fire extinguisher needed to adequately protect your property as well as strategically placed so that the can be utilized.  Rest assured that the professionals at Renegade Fire Systems will provide you with the options necessary to protect your property and employees.

Fire Extinguisher Testing, Maintenance & Inspection

Fire extinguishers must be annually inspected, tested and tagged to ensure proper function.  Renegade Fire Systems is certified to routinely inspect and test your fire extinguishers to meet regulations as well as recharge and refill them as necessary.  If you had to discharge one or more of your extinguishers, Renegade Fire Systems provides emergency refill services to get your fire extinguishers back in service.


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